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One Way to Get INTO Your Kayak

Not satisfied with your current method of getting into your kayak? Sometimes it’s stiff knees, trouble getting low to the ground, or having tricky entry and exit kayak launch areas that make getting into your kayak challenging. Here is a method you can try to get into your kayak. Kayakers should determine if this method is right for them.

  1. First, you’ll want to walk your kayak into knee-deep water.

  2. Stand on one side of your kayak, and then place your hands on either side of the rims of the cockpit. This will help to stabilize you and your kayak.

  3. While stabilizing and using your hands to keep the kayak close to you, sit down in your seat.

  4. At this point you might be sitting sideways or diagonally, so swing/move your legs and feet into the cockpit and feet onto the foot rests.

  5. Make sure your foot rests are adjusted properly - legs slightly bent - so you can apply pressure to the foot rests and use them during your paddling.

Now you’re ready to go! This method can work for sit-in or sit-on recreational kayaks.

See our video demonstration here on YouTube or below.

We like to kayak with a large sponge (hardware stores sell these for around $2.50-5), so you can easily get any water out while or after you're done kayaking.

At Bass River Kayaks and Paddle Boards, we help you with the whole rental process and we’ll be happy to show you. 118 Main St., West Dennis, MA, 02670.

Happy paddling!

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