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One Way to Get OUT of Your Kayak

Whether it’s bad knees, general trouble getting low to the ground, tricky kayak launch locations, or any other reason, having a hard time getting out of your kayak may keep you from kayaking altogether and no one wants that! Try this method below. If you have a friend available, have them hold the kayak for your first time if you like.

This method also works if you are not using a dock to get into and out of your kayak. And, of course, all kayakers should consider if this is right for them.

  1. Approach the area that you’d like to exit your kayak but stop your kayak in about knee-deep water (a little less is better than too deep.)

  2. Swing your legs over the side of your kayak. You’re now sitting sideways in your seat.

  3. Place your hands on opposite sides of the kayak to stabilize it (one on the left side rim of the cockpit and one on the right side rim of the cockpit.) If you have a friend with you, they can help stabilize the kayak.

  4. With your hands stabilizing and your feet ready to touch the ground, push with your hands, touch your feet to the ground and stand straight up. Try not to dip the rim of the cockpit into the water. Be meaningful about it to get both feet on the ground and stand.

That’s all there is to it! This method works for sit-in and sit-on recreational kayaks.

See our video demonstration here on YouTube or below.

If you did get any water in your kayak, we like to kayak with a large sponge (hardware stores sell these for around $2.50-5), so you can easily get any water out.

At Bass River Kayaks and Paddle Boards, we help you with the whole rental process and we’ll be happy to show you. 118 Main St., West Dennis, MA, 02670.

Happy paddling!

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