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How Does the Kayak and Paddle Board Rental Process Work?

RENTALS - Summer 2023 (Video below)

Welcome! We’re happy you’re here! Here's a quick rundown of how the rental process works when you want to kayak or paddle board from our river access location at 118 Main St., West Dennis, MA, 02670. Side note: some kayakers and paddle boarders have equipment delivered to their homes or rental places for two days or more, or even take equipment away from our shop for any length of time to their desired location. Most rent right here on Bass River and that's what this process is describing:

  1. Sign the waiver and pay at the shop (must have someone 18 years or older to sign the waiver)

  2. Leave "deposit item" with front desk (typically a license or government issued ID)

  3. Receive life jacket(s) for all persons

  4. See map of Bass River

  5. Receive paddle(s) and short but informative lesson

  6. Walk to water entrance to get on kayak or paddle board

  7. Paddle and enjoy!

  8. Return to where you departed from and retrieve "deposit" left at the desk

Our goal is for you to have a great time enjoying Cape Cod's waters safely and inexpensively.

Have fun creating those summer memories on Cape Cod and see you at Bass River!

Here's a video showing some of the process here on YouTube and below! Process is for kayak and paddle board rentals on Bass River.

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